FCR Intensive 2-Day Course

December 18th, 2004 by admin

Our first FCR (Friendly Comparative Religion) course for the year 2005 is now open to registration. It will be held on the 15th – 16th January 2005 and conducted in English by our IIS Da’wah Officers. Please refer to our schedule for the subsequent FCR courses that we will conduct throughout the year.

Please click on the images to view our brochure or to print them out. Registration details and form is contained within the brochure.

FCR January 2005 Back

FCR January 2005 Front

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IIS Schedule For 2005

December 18th, 2004 by admin

IIS (Islamic Information & Services) is commencing with several activites scheduled for the year 2005. Our tentative schedule for the year is as follows:

FCR 2-Days Intensive Course‎

‎15-16 Jan – English‎

‎19-20 Feb – Malay‎

‎5-6 Mac – English‎

‎2-3 Apr – Malay‎

‎7-8 May – English‎

‎18-19 June – Malay‎

‎16-17 Jul – English Phase 2‎

‎6-7 Aug – Malay Phase 2‎

‎17-18 Sept – Phase 3‎
Weekly FCR – Malay (Every Wednesday)‎

First Session:‎ 19 January – 04 May 2005‎

Second Session:‎ ‎08 June – 21 September 2005‎
Reverts classes (Every 2nd & 4th Thursday night)‎

First Session:‎ 13 January – 28 April 2005‎
Second Session:‎ ‎ 9 June – 22 September 2005‎

Peace Concert

April (tentative date)

Enrichment classes

‎1st Thursday – Ust. Abd. Nasir‎

‎3rd Thursday – Hafiz Firdaus‎

Visitors may also download our schedule [.pdf document, requires Adobe Acrobat reader] and print it out for their usage. For registration, contact the Coordinator at 03-42604160 or our email at info@iis.org.my with your bank-in details as contained within our brochure.

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Marriage In Islam

December 15th, 2004 by admin

When a girl reaches the age of marriage it is customary for the Muslim parents to play a major role in the choice of the husband, but she must be consulted. It is reported that when a girl came to the Prophet complaining that she had been married without being consulted, the Prophet directed that she was free to have the marriage dissolved if she wished.

Nowadays educated Muslim girls are having a greater say in the choice of husband, but it is still considered that the parents’ opinion of the boy is of great importance, and it is rare part of the Muslim tradition for either to be married with Read the rest of this entry »

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Have zero tolerance for apostasy

December 14th, 2004 by admin

I refer to the letter “Apostates angry with Islam or government?”

I, for one, am aware of the website that Shairul Fazleena is referring to. Although she asserts that she is not endorsing the apostates’ cause, let us state here very clearly that her suggestion that the Malaysian government should ‘review’ their policy with regard to apostates is tantamount to mocking the Deen itself.

It is without a doubt that apostasy is a very serious offence in Islam, and there are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about it. However, individuals like Shairul are from the flock of ‘liberal Muslims’ who prefer to abandon the Qur’an and Sunnah injunction Read the rest of this entry »

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