Five questions from a Bigot

November 29th, 2005 by admin

Muslims and the 5 Questions

Somebody named Dennis Prager wrote a frankly bigotted op-ed for the LA Times asking “Muslims” 5 questions. The questions are fairly easy to answer in themselves, but the stupidity of the whole framework is what is objectionable. Why is it that our media personalities cannot think their way out of a paper bag? Why don’t high school civics courses alert them that there might be a problem with stereotyping everyone that you categorize as belonging to a particular group?

Prager begins his “questions” directed, apparently at all 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, by referring to the recent riots in France. He is thus framing Read the rest of this entry »

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On the Passing of Rosa Parks (1913-2005) by Imam Zaid Shakir

November 29th, 2005 by admin

As I was leaving my neighborhood en route to Tarawih prayers last night, a car ran through a stop sign and nearly crashed into my vehicle. Fortunately, I was able to swerve and avoid any contact. Reverting back to some pre-Islamic ghetto instincts, I immediately reversed, and sped up the street behind the reckless perpetrator. I caught up with the car about half a mile up the road and shouted at the driver, “Why don’t you learn how to drive!” The driver, a female, shouted back, “f____ you! Terrorist!” Apparently my Kufi, and my wife’s Hijab were sufficient evidence to indicate that we were Muslim. The word “terrorist,” dripping with deep contempt and hatred, based on a prejudiced view of two total strangers, sounded eerily like another word that symbolizes the worst sort of prejudicial hatred this country has known, namely, “nigger.”

Something foul is happening in this country as we move deeper into this post 9-11 world. The growing racist hatred and denigration currently directed at Read the rest of this entry »

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IIS Hi-Tea Talk 2005 : Islam…A Backward Religion?

November 20th, 2005 by admin

Welcome to IIS’s Hi-Tea Talk !!

Drop everything and come to the Hi-Tea Talk hosted by Islamic Information & Services Foundation (IIS). The Speaker is Brother Shah Kirit Kakulal Govindji. Topic for the evening : ISLAM… A BACKWARD RELIGION ? Come get a feel of the caring, love & peace message in Islam – something Muslims as a people have taken for granted in their life. Come to hear how “scientific” the Holy Qur’an is, and why practicing Islam is as relevant to present era of Science & Technology as it was 1400 years ago. Come get your questions answered, perhaps you have long conceived questions like : why does Islam “subjugate” women, or why Islam allows polygamy; why Islam prohibits alcohol, gambling and pork; does Islam preach violence; is it not true that Islam was spread by the sword; perhaps Read the rest of this entry »

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