BRIEFING to VISITORS from URI (United Religions Initiative)

March 18th, 2007 by admin

BRIEFING to VISITORS from URI (United Religions Initiative)
(IIS Headquarters, Taman Setiawangsa,Kuala Lumpur – 18th March 2007)

The Program: Undertaking the initiative on behalf of ACCIN in receiving mostly non-Muslim guests from URI South East Asia Pacific, as part of its program held in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with INSaF (Dr Amir Farid as its chairman) and its mother organization, the Pure Life Society (Mother Mangalam as its spiritual matriarch).


About URI: URI stands for United Religions Initiative with its headquarters in the USA. Its Objective is “To promote interfaith cooperation, end religiously motivated violence and create a culture of peace, justice and healing for Earth and all living beings”.

As part of its 3rd annual regional meeting in KL, the URI team with representatives from all over the world (including Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, and USA), had planned visits to churches, temples and an Islamic organization.


The presentation on IIS covered various aspects of the organization including its vision & mission, its guiding principles, its modus operandi, its internal programs, and its past events. The presentation was followed by a very vibrant and lively Q&A and discussions, with URI members from Philippines and Mexico agreeing with IIS presenter’s remark with regard to the damaging way of the world’s main stream media.


The Philippine member related how in his experience of genuinely promoting interfaith understanding with the Philipino Muslims, the media were much less interested in reporting positive developments than in over-dramatizing issues of negative consequences.


The day ended with friendly chit-chats and ‘makan-makan’!!

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