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Islamic Information & Services Foundation is a non-profit da’wah organization founded with the following objectives:

  • Propogate information on Islam and matters relating to Islam.
  • Combat misinformation & misconceptions about Islam.
  • Conduct Islah activities – remove doubts and renew the confidence of Muslims.
  • Provide an avenue for Da’wah activities to non-Muslims.
  • Give courses on Islam and Islam-related subjects.
  • Provide valuable services for reverts and potential reverts.
  • Conduct dae’i training.
  • Provide services towards the betterment of the community.
  • Appeal to the Muslim youth of today through programmes that interest them.
  • Promote the ideal of Islam as a multi-racial and cross-cultural way of life.


In order to achieve these objectives, IIS has the following programmes planned for the year 2004:

  • Arabic for Thinking People weekly classes
  • Reverts classes bi-monthly
  • Public talks and forums on women’s issues by the IIS Women’s Wing.
  • Islamic Parenting Courses.
  • Friendly Comparative Religion courses.
  • Hotel Qur’an Project – distributing free copies of Qur’an translation to Malaysian hotels.
  • Personal consultations, advisory and conversion services.
  • Questions & Answers on Islamic issues through Email and other correspondence.
  • IIS Website providing information and online registration for classes, and services.
  • Daie Development Classes.
  • Internal Staff Development Training.


  • Talks, lectures & seminars.
  • Literature – books, booklets, magazines and brochures.
  • Audio/Video media – video tapes, VCDs, cassettes and CDs.
  • Computer Media – CDROMs.
  • Website.
  • E-mail answering service.
  • Consultation / support for new reverts.

Current & Future Plans

To help promote dialogue, mutual respect and understanding across cultural and religious lines, and thus work towards realization of real world peace through cooperative efforts in:

  • Combating, misinformation and disinformation.
  • Treating misconceptions and ignorance.
  • Eradicating prejudice and injustice.

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