IIF 2008 Promotion Video

March 4th, 2008 by admin

Watch 15 minutes Promotion Video on International Islamic Fair 2008

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October 21st, 2007 by admin

Watch it now by clicking the play button on the video

IIF2007 Pre-Release Conference DVD

Session 1: Update on the Ummah

Paper 3: DARFUR – WHAT is Going On?

Present by:
H.E. Mahdi Ibrahim Muhammad (Ambassador / member of National Assembly, Sudan)

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International Islamic Fair 2007

June 27th, 2007 by admin


June last year, IIS in collaboration with SABA Islamic Media organized the International Islamic Fair 2006 (IIF2006) at the PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. The 3-in-1 (Trade Fair, Conference & Dinner Concert) event being such a success, it was decided to make IIF an annual event.

The 3-day IIF2007 will be held on July 27th to 29th 2007, with almost triple the number of trade exhibitors! And guess what.. IIF is now officially endorsed by MATRADE , after just one event! That should say something about IIF’s past performance…

Last year’s Conference and Dinner Concert were such a talk-of-the-town, spreading beyond the PWTC premises, into the print media, TV talk shows, etc. We are proud to announce that IIS played a critical role in organizing the Conference and the Gala Dinner Concert (“Sounds of Islam”) last year, and similarly this year – for the IIF2007 !!
So, free yourself for the 28th & 29th July 2007 weekend. You cannot afford to miss it…

Review VIDEO CLIPS by the IIF2007  intro by the IIS’s Chief Da’awah Officer – Br. Shah Kirit
Dear readers/visitors who have a website/blogs, promote our event on your blog by putting this IIF Video Introduction by Shah Kirit Bin Kakulal Govindji, Da’wa Officer of IIS, the picture and the banner at your blog. Spread this news.

Youtube Link = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fjj5Hc9L2I

Siderbar banner 125px x 165px

So, free yourself for the 28th & 29th July 2007 weekend. You cannot afford to miss it… See you there :)

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June 27th, 2007 by admin

IIF2007 CONFERENCE – Saturday 28th July & Sunday 29th July 2007
Theme: UNITY for PEACE…

Godlessness, recklessness, technology-without-God, arrogance and ‘talk-to-God’ type stupidity… wars are getting nastier, dirtier and much more dangerous to both human beings and the environment. The war mongers must be stopped, and stopped NOW. The world needs PEACE like never before. But peace needs UNITY – unity among Muslims, and unity among the good-people-of-the-world, regardless of race or religion. The world needs to talk with ONE VOICE – the voice that says: NO to War and Oppression. Yes, people need to unite – UNITE for PEACE !

What’s happening in the Muslim world?? Where are we at with our economy, business, arts and education?? What’s going on around the world & how are we affected?? Burying our heads in the sand would not do. Find out more. Be there at the IIF2007 Conference.
Get the FACTS, then be part of the SOLUTION !!

4 sessions:

Session 1: Update on the Ummah
Latest updates on pressing issues in the Muslim world – Iraq, Palestine, Sudan…
Session 2: Business, Economy & Finance
Business Jihad? Perfect IP&S hub. What’s happening to Zakah resources? Gold Dinar.
Session 3: Human Relations, Media & Global Peace
9/11 Ripple Effect. The NEW Media of hope. Dreaming of World Peace…
Session 4: Community, Arts & Education
Awareness=Survival. Muslim View Magazines anyone? Need for Islamic entertainment.

Keynote address by Tan Sri Sanusi Junid (President, International Islamic University)
International speakers (Muslims and non-Muslims) from all over the world:
Yusuf Estes (Texan former priest & speaker on Islam), Sheikh Imran Hosein (Former imam of UN mosque, New York), Dylan Avery (Producer, “Eyewitness of 9/11” and “Loose Change” DVDs), Dave Von Kleist (Host, “Power House” American radio and Co-producer, “In Plane Site” DVD), and many others.

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IIF2007 DINNER CONCERT – Sounds of Islam

June 27th, 2007 by admin

IIF2007 DINNER CONCERT – Evening, Sat 28th July 2007 (starts 8.00pm)
Program name: Sounds of Islam
International ARTISTS from three continents !!!

Last year’s “Sounds of Islam” (Raihan-Malaysia, ChebAli-Egypt, ZainBhikha-S.Africa, DawudWharnsbyAli-N.America) still ringing in your ears? You are not alone! Many admitted to having such a great time and have no hesitation calling it the “Dinner Concert of the Year”. If you missed it last year… well.. don’t miss the coming one.

Why dinner concert? The IIF2007 Dinner Concert plays an important role – to help achieve the IIF mission and vision. The people-to-people contact and networking would not be complete without the crucial social and cultural aspects. The otherwise ‘heavy’ mission of the IIF requires the lighter human side for an enduring presence. As our IIF Ambassador, sister Wardina puts it: “All work and no fun would be dull…”! And what’s more, a big portion of the proceeds is for funding the on-going Hotel Qur’an Project.
So, mark your diary for the Saturday evening of 28th July! Be there for the great food and great entertainment – and for a great cause! Trust us, you don’t want to be anywhere else that particular evening!

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