Friendly Comparative Religion

November 17th, 2006 by admin

We live in Malaysia, a multi-racial country with its people believing in various faiths. We know Islam is a universal religion and that God Almighty has chosen us to be His vicegerent in this world. Therefore it is our duty to convey the message of Islam to all – the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Unfortunately very little effort has been aimed at our non-Muslim friends. Praise be to God, there has been quite a positive interest shown by some Muslims to share Islam with all.

The objective of this course is to do “friendly and effective dissemination of information through “Comparative Studies”. In the modules we provide, students are taught to handle misconceptions on Islam besides learning the concept of God in Christianity, Hinduism, etc. Upon completion of this course, you should have a sound basic knowledge on major beliefs in Malaysia.

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  1. Mr.Subramaniam Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Its good to know , your have nailed at the right time about interfaith seminar, which our government are very much not comfortable about your suggestion on all human learn each others religion.

    I would like to contribute about Hinduism , particularly our main scripture BHAGAVAD GITA.

    Please email to me anything you require from me.

    Thank you .