IIS Women’s Wing

November 17th, 2006 by admin

IIS Women’s Wing was established as part of IIS’ concern about issues regarding Muslim women in Malaysia and abroad. The head of Women’s Wing is Sister Lana Mohammad. Our stated aims and objectives are to:

1. Provide a platform for Muslim women to work towards intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

2. Actively engage in research and present the correct Islamic perspective on all matters of concern, namely those related to women. At the same time to establish and maintain a credible dialogue on contemporary Islamic issues through various mediums available such as forums, workshops, articles and booklets.

3. To provide ongoing training in Islamic fields, da’wah and public speaking for core/regular members.

4. To establish cultural and religious dialogue to promote mutual understanding and actively defend Islam against internal and external negative information.

5. To provide a support system that will appropriately assist women in emancipation from all forms of oppressive practices incompatible with Islamic values.

6. To create an atmosphere conductive for the strengthening of existing sisterhood ties and the formation of new ones at local and global levels.

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